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BidRodeo: The New Beezid Scam

Posted in Misc. with tags , , on November 15, 2010 by earlddyer

As many of you have read in a previous post about Beezid being a scam, here’s a whole new scam… wait.  It’s the exact same scam. is the same, horrible thing.  You go in and purchase “bids” and then use those bids to try and win incredibly cheap items.  One person can possibly win a great item, dozens of other people get screwed out of their money.  On the front page it showed a person had won a 16g iPad for only $22.97.  But he used 595 bids to win that item.  That means he actually spent AT LEAST $350 to win that item.  And that doesn’t include the other dozens of people who bid on this item USING BIDS THAT COST MONEY and didn’t win.  I also think it’s funny that they try to say that his 595 bids only cost him $169 when in reality if you buy the “deluxe” package it costs $340 for a package of 500 bids, $500 for 800 bids.  That doesn’t quite pan out to $169.  Such a rip-off.

I can’t believe that Beezid is still around and now this new company is coming in to do the same thing.  Who knows, maybe it’s the same company under a different name.  It wouldn’t surprise me.

Point is… BEWARE!


The Newest Scam – Beezid

Posted in Misc. with tags , on February 15, 2010 by earlddyer

I am somewhat loathe to do this as I don’t want to bring attention to it, but I already know some people who know about it and others who have fallen for it, so I want to send a bit of a warning out there.

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