Band o’ the Week: Mae

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Now THIS is probably a band that none of you have heard of.  Part of me feels that you are very lucky…


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Band o’ the Week: Underoath

Posted in BotW, Music with tags , on September 1, 2010 by earlddyer

So I picked another “screamer” band this week, and I promise they won’t always be this way.  Next week I’ll probably end up listening to something horribly horrible.  But for now, we’re gonna talk about the band Underoath.

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Not sure if anyone’s ever watched MachineGunSmith in action, but here’s your chance.  This guy is pretty amazing at playing the drums.  Makes me realize how bad I drumming I actually was.

He’s in a band (or was?) and you can see all of his videos here… but this one is one of my favorite.

And FYI, he is using an electric system for those that want to say he’s not drumming because the cymbals and toms are the same size.

Band o’ the Week: Atreyu

Posted in BotW, Music with tags , on August 25, 2010 by earlddyer

One of the many things I love in life is music.  Music has always been a huge part of my life.  Whether it was when I was younger, growing up on country music and great classic rock, when I developed my own tastes and went after some of the more hard rock groups, or now where I will listen to just about anything, music has always been something that has kept me entertained and (mostly) sane.

Lately, however, I’ve fallen behind in the world of music.  You could ask me the name of a band, song, or lyrics from just about anything and I could tell you the answer.  Now, I have found so many bands (both new and old) that I’ve never heard of.

So I decided to start exploring.  Each week I am going to talk about a new band that I spent the entire week listening to.  Now keep in mind, this isn’t a new band in the sense that they just started releasing albums, I am talking about new to me.  These are bands that some people may know, some may not, and some may not WANT to know.  But in the end, hopefully a few people will find some new music to enjoy.

This week’s band; Atreyu

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Best Ad… Ever

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Every now and then at my work I come across an advertisement/listing for an item that is hilarious to read.  This awesome ad, however, has to take the cake so far.  I’m seriously considering selling my kidney to purchase this bike after reading it.

Click to make it big.  And enjoy…

Best Ad Ever

Avenged Sevenfold: Nightmare

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So I’ve been a big fan of Avenged Sevenfold (A7x) for years now.  I’ve enjoyed everything they’ve done from their original scream-o albums to their first step outside those boundaries on City of Evil.  I was highly anticipating the release of their new album Nightmare… but once I got it, I have to say I was surprised.

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The Happening

Posted in Movies on August 10, 2010 by earlddyer

BLINK! Blink goddammit!

Yeah, I know… welcome to 2008!  My Netflix queue got a bit boring so I decided to put on some movies that I really had no desire to watch.  This was the first – and it has made me rethink this idea completely

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