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Cataclysm in my PANTS

Posted in Gaming with tags , , on October 17, 2010 by earlddyer

Freaking… Epiiiiiic!


The Only Thing I Liked at E3

Posted in Gaming with tags on June 17, 2010 by earlddyer


So I have always chosen Guitar Hero over the Rock Band counterpart.  Why?  Probably because it was the first one I purchased and I don’t often change teams in the middle.  However, the announcement of Rock Band 3 is definitely going to make me reconsider.

I am what I consider a self-taught guitar player… which means I’m not very good.  I taught myself a few songs many years ago and haven’t picked up a guitar since.  I even own one, but I just don’t play it.  I find that taking guitar lessons isn’t worth it and I just haven’t had the time to get back into learning it.  But Rock Band 3 sounds like you can really learn how to play.

I wish that they would allow you to use any guitar so you don’t have to purchase the (probably) expensive guitar to play with, but that won’t happen since it seems you have to press the fret down in order for it to react to the game.  Who knows though.

Maybe I WILL be a rockstar someday.

New Mortal Kombat Movie?

Posted in Gaming, Movies with tags on June 10, 2010 by earlddyer

Thanks Scott for posting this.  The original movie wasn’t that great, though it was dumb fun.  I’ve also never really been huge on the games.  So I really hope that this is a teaser for an up-coming movie, because it just looks badass.

Vidja Games!

Posted in Gaming, News with tags , on April 14, 2010 by earlddyer

Air RaidWell, everyone always told me that video games would make me amount to nothing.  Well, that may be true… but for this guy, they made him very happy.

Tanner Sandlin read about the most rare games on a website and he realized that he had one of those games on the list sitting in his garage.  Air Raid for the Atari 2600 was gathering dust so he pulled it out and put it on eBay.  Well, it sold for $31,600 which made it the second-highest price paid for a video game.

It’s pretty awesome to think about.  This game that was purchased for less than $10 now made $31,600 for this guy.  It goes to show you that people who don’t throw things away could get lucky one day.

And video games are still awesome.


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Okay, you have to admit (especially for those of us who remember video games as they used to be) that this is pretty awesome.

For All You Lonely Gamers…

Posted in Gaming with tags , , on March 29, 2010 by earlddyer

Girl Gamer

GameCrush can now fix your problems.

Having trouble convincing your chick to grab the joystick?  Having issues getting your boo to play with you?  Wishing you could get your wife to play some Half Life?  Tired of trying to get your booty to play some Call of Duty?  Well, go pay $6.60 for 10 minutes of fun time with a PlayDate!  What a way to start the ruination of gaming!  Online prostitution begins!

Face… meet palm.

Update: Apparently they are getting so many customers coming that they have to add servers to handle the load.  ARE MEN THIS RETARDED!?

Where’s My Trial?

Posted in Gaming with tags on February 3, 2010 by earlddyer

Star Trek

No, I’m not talking about going to court in case anyone who cares is reading this. I am talking about the free trials that many Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games offer. In fact, most MMOs would be crazy to not offer a free trial.

Sadly, Star Trek Online has not yet offered a free trial for their new MMO that came out today.  I was hoping to give it a try and see if maybe it would replace my WoW playing.  But alas, I am not going to pay for a game that I may or may not like.  Especially when I was told recently that it was a lot like Guild Wars.  Guild Wars was very “instanced” where you would hardly ever see another person unless you purposefully grouped with them.  While I generally tend to solo things, it would be nice to be able to interact with people more than just in the main cities.  And I HATED Guild Wars.

So I guess I will be sticking with WoW for now.  I still have my hopes up for the Star Wars MMO that is coming out soon.

Star Wars beats Star Trek… at least in this instance.  /debate!