Band o’ the Week: Eyes Set to Kill

This week I’m gonna continue with some of the music I enjoy… the melodic-metalcore-style music.  The difference this week is that there’s some chicks involved.  I now introduce Eyes Set to Kill.

Eyes Set to Kill

Eyes Set to Kill is a metalcore band that was formed by sisters Alexia and Anissa Rodriguez in 2004 in Tempe, Arizona.

The band was originally a three-piece band with Alexia and Anissa on guitars and Lindsey Vogt as the lead singer.  Lindsey later left due to personal reasons and Alexia became the lead singer.  They hunted around for more members of their band and performed with bands such as Chiodos, Blessthefall, and Greeley Estates – some signed and some unsigned – but weren’t able to find anyone to join them.  Finally, in 2006, Alex Torres, Brandon Anderson and Brett Litzler joined them to add some testosterone and to record their first record.

Since the original EP in 2006, they’ve released 3 records in 2008, 2009 and 2010.  Brandon Anderson had resigned from the band in 2010 because of multiple reasons including damaging his vocal chords so he was not able to scream.

Alexia released a solo album on October 12, 2010, titled “Underground Sounds” and has had some good reviews from it.  It is unknown currently if they are going to continue to try to keep ESTK going or if she is going solo for good.

This band isn’t extremely different from many of the other bands I like.  Melodic singing from one singer, screaming from another, and great guitars, drums and bass in the background.  But throwing in a female singer makes it a completely different genre almost.  She has a beautiful voice and it is almost surprising sometimes to hear the screaming come in over the top of her.

But who wouldn’t want to be on top of her?

AlexiaAnyway, I did enjoy this band.  I’m not sure if they are someone I can listen to constantly like I could with A Day to Remember and some of the other bands, but I would definitely recommend them if you enjoy this type of music.  I am going to give them 3 peanuts out of 5.

Now, back to the picture…



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