Band o’ the Week: A Day to Remember

Yeah, this is late.  Way, way late.  I forgot last week and then had to put it off.  Well, what a perfect band to check out when my horrible memory comes into play.  I now bring you A Day to Remember.

A Day to Remember

A Day to Remember was formed in 2003.  They are a band that sandwiches metalcore and pop punk into their own style of music.  To date, they have released 3 studio albums beginning in 2005.  Their 2010 album is set to be released in November 2010.

The bands first album was released by a small company and only originally sold just under 9,000 units.  They felt that they could do better and continued to perform.  Bassist Joshua Woodard had a friend who said he had a AIM name of a guy at Victory Records.  After communicating for about six months, the guy from Victory Records informed him that he would be recording at a show they would be performing out near Chicago.  Apparently, he liked what he heard.

This is a band that quickly got me hooked.  It’s another mix of the melodic grunge that I enjoy where one singer sings like a normal human being while another screams and growls, perfection amongst the music gods in my opinion.

There are many songs I like from this band including “Another Song About the Weekend”, “Have Faith In Me”, “Here’s to the Past”, “Holdin’ it Down for the Underground”, “Homesick”, “I’m Made of Wax Larry, What Are You Made of”, and their awesome cover of a horrible song “Since U Been Gone”.  They are also up there with Underoath with some of the best titles.

The one issue I had with this band was that a good majority of the songs had “anthem-like” chanting in the background.  You know how it is, where it sounds like there are dozens or hundreds of people yelling the exact phrase at the exact time that you want them to.  There are times that this can be used, but ADtR seems to use it quite prolifically, even in their acoustic version of “Homesick” they had the chanting in the background which was really distracting.

Other than that, this band was a treat to listen to.  Melodic, scream-o, great guitars, great themes with their songs, and plenty of songs you could sing along with.  This is one band I would love to see live if they ever come to Utah.  This band was good enough that I went in and created a 4.5 peanut image… so obviously I am going to give them 4.5 out of 5 peanuts.

Now, if only I can remember to do the next band at the right time…



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