Band o’ the Week: Rilo Kiley

And now for something completely different… Rilo Kiley

Rilo Kiley

Rilo Kiley is an Indie Alternative band that was formed in 1998.  They have released 5 albums from 1999 to 2007.  This band isn’t your typical band consisting of either unknown musicians or musicians famous from other bands who decided to collaborate.  This band is fronted by two child actors.  One being Blake Sennett who is probably best known for playing Joey “The Rat” Epstein in Boy Meets World.  The other is Jenny Lewis who is best know (at least for me) as the hot red-head in the movie The Wizard starring Fred Savage.  Keep in mind, I was only 9 or 10 when I saw this, so it’s okay for me to say that.

The reason the band is named Rilo Kiley is unknown to us.  The reason being… Sennett has given multiple explanations about the name but none of them match.  One explanation is about a dream he had where he was chased by an almanac and when he was caught, he looked through it and saw the name.  Another is that he saw the name in an almanac when looking at Scottish athletes.  The most recent explanation, however, is that he had a dream where someone named Rilo Kiley predicted the date of Jenny Lewis’ death.

The band is involved in many charities including the Elliott Smith Memorial and UNICEF.  Currently, the band is on hiatus and has no plans in releasing an album in the near future according to band member Jason Boesel.

This music is not the typical music that I listen to.  I’ve never been heavy into the Indie Alternative music like this that reminds me of bubblegum pop.  However, I did listen to as many songs from them as I could find and had this strange, happy feeling while listening to them.  It doesn’t make any sense considering most songs are about breaking up, having friends who commit suicide and other depressing things.  But the very Motherbaughs-esque music in the background made me almost ignore the meaning of the songs.  Not sure if this is a good thing or not.

This is certainly not something I would choose to listen to on a normal basis.  It is far to bubblegum for me as I stated before.  And the happy-happy-joy-joy feeling I get when listening to the music in the background makes me feel dirty.  I did, however, like the song Love and War.  It almost sounded like a song No Doubt would do.  I will give this band 3 peanuts out of 5.  If you enjoy a completely different band that probably would have done better in the 70s then this is a great band for you to listen to.



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