Band o’ the Week: Army of Anyone

What do you get when you mix the lead singer of Filter, the brothers who helped form Stone Temple Pilots and the drummer from The David Lee Roth Band?  You get an Army of Anyone.

Army of Anyone

Army of Anyone is a super-group consisting of Richard Patrick from Filter, Dean and Robert DeLeo from STP and Ray Luzier from The David Lee Roth Band.  To date they have released only one album in 2006.  They had also planned on releasing a DVD of the album in 2007 but failed to do so.  They did, however, tour to promote their album, hitting up everything from radio stations, Conan O’Brien and Carson Daly to headlining the SnoCore Tour.

Since the tour, the band appears to have broken up.  Patrick has put out two new albums with Filter while the DeLeo brothers reunited with Scott Weiland to pick up where they left off with Stone Temple Pilots by touring and releasing an album in 2010.  Luzier went on to become Korn’s drummer.

Patrick did say that after the touring of Korn, STP and Filter were over for 2010 he planned to get back together with the DeLeo brothers and Luzier to work on a second album.  But who knows if that will happen.

This is a band that is hard for me to place into a specific genre.  Gritty guitars combined with seductive-like lyrics from Patrick almost put it into a genre all it’s own.  I guess you could call it alternative rock.

I’ve listened to their album multiple times and really wish that they would get back together.  I was a big fan of STP and Filter back in my younger days and smashing them together made an even better band in my opinion.  The songs were all catchy and not too complicated, yet each song was unique in it’s own right.  They didn’t sound as repetitive as a lot of modern bands *cough Nickelback cough*

I would give this band 4 peanuts out of 5.  If I got out of my lazy mode and made some half peanut images, I would probably give them 4 1/2 out of 5… but for now we’ll go with what I have.  The music is great, Patrick’s voice is amazing and I think that you can listen to their songs no matter what mood you are in.



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