Long Time, No See

RockiesYes, I know… it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything.  My only excuse is that I have been busy moving, had a week-long vacation, and really haven’t had a whole lot of interesting things to say.  But I figure I should probably come back and say hi… and maybe tell you about some things that have happened recently.

First of all, I have moved.  I hate moving.  I hate it more than most anything I can think of right now.  But it is done for the time being and I am all settled in temporarily.

Probably the most exciting thing that happened was my vacation.  It was my grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary and I spent a week with them and some other members of my family.  We went and toured Colorado University campus where my grandfather went to school, had a great dinner with some of the family at the same place the 50th anniversary was, and went to a Colorado Rockies baseball game.  A GREAT Colorado Rockies baseball game.

Now let me preempt this story a little with another story.  When I was about 11 years old or so I went to my first (and only other) professional baseball game which happened to be the Rockies vs. the Dodgers.  When we showed up, they were supposed to be doing autographs for the kids.  I was excited to meet many of the players I had followed for a while so as soon as I got inside the stadium I took off to go to the area where they would be signing autographs.

Sadly, none of the players showed up.  I wasn’t angry then, just disappointed.  It was as I slowly wandered back to my seat that I realized… I had no clue where I was sitting.  My grandmother still had my ticket and they had told me where they were but how was I supposed to find it in this huge stadium?  So I wandered around, wasted some money playing pitching and batting games, and checked every section as I heard the game being played without me watching it.

Eventually I found the right section (I believe it was around the 7th inning) and got to enjoy the latter part of the game.  My father told me years later that they had gone looking for me including talking to security about the “11 year old boy who was 5’11” tall and wearing a Broncos shirt” and seeing the shocked look on their faces.

Flash forward to today.  We showed up early to the stadium because we weren’t sure how bad traffic would be.  My dad said he needed to use the restroom and I decided I would go as well.  I turned around and saw a building with signs.  Looking at one of the signs I saw that it designated the restroom as the women’s room.  So I turned around and walked into the door behind me without looking.

As I got inside, I noticed that there were no urinals.  I thought that was strange but just went in and did my business.  As I walked out of the stall a woman walked out of another stall and stopped, staring at me.  I looked at her and said, “I am in the wrong restroom, aren’t I?”  She nodded her head and I quickly strolled out before security was called to escort me out.

After that excitement, we finally got up to the suite where we would be watching the game.  I won’t go into detail about the game, but it was truly the most amazing baseball game I’ve ever seen.  Normally baseball is pretty boring to watching, even for me, but this game was full of excitement including the best 8th inning in the history of baseball in my opinion.

The Rockies ended up beating the Cubs 17-2 and it capped off a great weekend with the best family in the world.

Which just so happens to be mine.


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