100 and Counting

So it’s official as of this afternoon. November 1st, 2009 I started going to the gym as part of a lifestyle change and weighed 377 pounds. June 19th, 2010 – less than 8 months later – I weigh 277 pounds. That’s 100 pounds…gone. It’s still hard for me to imagine I let myself get that big and that I’ve lost that much, but I know it’ll never happen again.

I’m having too much fun wearing old clothes.

Update:  Here are some pictures to sort of show you the transformation.  I still have plenty of room to improve, but I think the pictures speak for themselves…


2 Responses to “100 and Counting”

  1. Wow proud of you. We want a picture.

    • I added some pictures. Still not a handsome dude, and I was never photogenic so those old ones aren’t too good, but there they are. The before and after for up-to-dateness.

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