The Only Thing I Liked at E3


So I have always chosen Guitar Hero over the Rock Band counterpart.  Why?  Probably because it was the first one I purchased and I don’t often change teams in the middle.  However, the announcement of Rock Band 3 is definitely going to make me reconsider.

I am what I consider a self-taught guitar player… which means I’m not very good.  I taught myself a few songs many years ago and haven’t picked up a guitar since.  I even own one, but I just don’t play it.  I find that taking guitar lessons isn’t worth it and I just haven’t had the time to get back into learning it.  But Rock Band 3 sounds like you can really learn how to play.

I wish that they would allow you to use any guitar so you don’t have to purchase the (probably) expensive guitar to play with, but that won’t happen since it seems you have to press the fret down in order for it to react to the game.  Who knows though.

Maybe I WILL be a rockstar someday.


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