Hero for a Day

Electron Boy

This is an incredibly heart-warming story.

13 year old Erik Martin has liver cancer.  Erik has also always wanted to be a superhero.  When Spider-Man called him, the Make-A-Wish Foundation – along with hundreds of volunteers – made that fantasy come true.

Spider-Man told Erik that Dr. Dark and Blackout Boy had imprisoned the Seattle Sounders in their locker room and only Electron Boy could free them.

Erik got into his costume and Moonshine Maid – who owns a DeLorean – showed up to take him to the scene of the crime along with 20 motorcycle officers from the Bellevue Police Department and King County and Snohomish sheriff’s offices.

They shut down 405 — they shut down I-90,” marveled Moonshine Maid, aka Misty Peterson. “I thought it would just be me, in the car.

Once Electron Boy arrived at Qwest Field, people sent him towards the locker room where the entire Seattle Sounders team was trapped behind the doors.  With the help of Lightning Lad (local actor Robert Burgess), Erik was able to open the door to the locker room with his lightning rod and free the team.

The team gave him a hero’s thanks, taking pictures with him and giving him a jersey and autographed ball.  Suddenly, the Jumbotron came alive with Dr. Dark and Blackout Boy.

Electron Boy, I am Dr. Dark and this is Blackout Boy,” sneered an evil voice, as the villain — Edgar Hansen, and his sidekick Jake Anderson, both of Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” — taunted the young superhero. “We are here to take over Seattle and make it dark!

They then showed a Puget Sound Electric employee trapped at the top of his bucket truck.  Who could save him?  Electron Boy was the only one.

In his DeLorean – along with his escort of 25 police officers and a white limousine – Erik headed to the PSE headquarters to save the day again.  250 PSE employees cheered Erik on as he rescued the trapped worker.

It was so loud, people in office buildings were looking out the window,” said Make-A-Wish communications director Jeannette Tarcha.

But he still needed to capture Dr. Dark and Blackout Boy.  Following leads, he found out that they were at the Space Needle where they had disabled the elevator and trapped people on the observation deck.

Electron Boy arrived to the scene of dozens of cheering bystanders.  “How did you find us, Electron Boy?” Dr. Dark demanded.  Without a word, Electron Boy leapt at the villain and used his lightning rod to freeze him.  He then unlocked the elevator and rescued the trapped people.

After the police took the villains away, Seattle City Councilwoman Sally Bagshaw gave him a key to the city and declared the day Electron Boy Day.

As most superheroes do, he kept his thoughts to himself.  But Erik did have one thing to say.

This is the best day of my life.


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