Body Snatchers

I bet this is something you don’t think about everyday.

I will let people who want to read it actually read it – because it is quite interesting – but there are a few things I want to bring up about this.

First of all, I sort of wish that eBay hadn’t taken down the vials of Mussolini’s brain and blood.  I am curious as to if they would have sold and if the people who purchased them were hoping to possibly clone the man sometime in the future.  Just because eBay took them down doesn’t mean they weren’t sold to someone, so let’s hope the cloning that is going on doesn’t progress too quickly.

Second, how could they tell after all those years that it was Napoleon’s penis?  Did the man tattoo his name on it or something?  Given his stature, it probably would have only said “Nap” on it or something.  Congratulations, $100,000 purchaser, you now own a piece of beef jerky!

And finally… there really was a Santa Claus!?


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