How the World Should Work

So I have started scanning the news lately.  Normally I hate it because there is nothing but horrible things going on in the world… at least that is how the media shows it.  However, I came across this article and decided to read it; basically because I had no clue who this guy was.

In short (you should read the article) one man purchased a book from another and it was supposed to be in “Near Fine” condition.  When he received the book, enclosed was a note from the man who sold the book. He said that upon sending the book he realized it wasn’t in the condition he promised on the advertisement.  So because of this, he was enclosing a check for $2.95.

This may seem minute to most people, but think about it.  This guy who tries to make a living selling his used books (which is not much of a living anymore he says) refunded nearly half of the money because he didn’t believe that it was advertised in the correct condition.

The man who purchased the book tracked the seller down years later and found him.  He talked to him for a while and asked him why he refunded the $2.95 for the order.  He said:

“I just try to do things right.  When I went to mail that book to you, I must have noticed that it wasn’t in as good a condition as I had promised on my Amazon listing. I want my customers to be happy and to believe I’m being fair with them.”

This is something that a lot of people should think about.  Both huge businesses and everyday Joe-Blows.


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