Kick Ass (The Review This Time)

MindySo I decided that I was going to see this no matter what anyone said.  I didn’t listen to Jeff Vice’s review, I only checked Rotten Tomatoes once, and I saw one friend post his thoughts about it.  After that, I decided I was going to avoid the media’s thoughts until after I had seen it.

First of all, a couple things about something other than the movie.  Cinemark, please do not put the opening weekend movie in the SMALLEST theater in your building.  I know that it may not be a blockbuster hit but it is still opening weekend.  Think about it a little.  Second, people who come in 15 minutes after the movie starts need to stop walking in and complaining that there are no good seats.  If you want to sit where you choose, SHOW UP EARLY!  Finally, there are far too many people making movies these days and they all don’t need to be put in the credits.  Shorten it up to the actors and let’s call it good.

I’m just going to say this right off the bat; Kick Ass is probably one of my favorite movies of all-time.  Like I said earlier, it is not going to be a blockbuster success, it probably won’t win any awards, and it is definitely not going to be something that you take your average date to, but it is a great all-around movie.

The movie tells a story about society in general that has probably been told many times.  People stand around and watch things happen and make no move to do anything about it.  Maybe it is because they don’t want to get involved, maybe it is because they have someone waiting at home.  But whatever it is, society in general just doesn’t seem to care.  That’s the focus of Kick Ass from what I saw.  Being the “hero” and doing something right can often inspire others to do the same.  Because like Kick Ass said, even though superheroes may not exist, bad guys aren’t fictional.

This movie is quite violent and vulgar.  It wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it was going to be, but it was definitely up there.  If you’ve seen Kill Bill then you’ve seen this movie as far as the violence goes.  The thing that makes this movie different is that there are no super-duper special effects.  There are no flying superheroes or cars loaded with missiles or CG monsters to beat up.  It’s just a bunch of ordinary people who try to do extraordinary things for their own specific reasons.

Mindy has to be the coolest kid around and if you aren’t ready to see a “tweener” swear, shoot people and cut off limbs then you don’t want to see this movie.  But if you want a story that we could all well remember – only told in a completely different way – then this is a great movie.  I am definitely buying it when it comes out on DVD and may even go see it again on the big screen.

All it was missing was boobs… although they’re there… sorta.


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