Kick Ass

Kick AssSo Kick Ass is a comic book.  It is a messed up comic book.  If you thought Watchmen was bad with the blue nudity and violence, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  This movie is full of blood, violence and a little girl who makes Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction look like a puppy.

Like many comic books, they’ve decided to adapt it to a movie.  The problem is that the advertisements I’ve seen on television are completely depicting this movie as something that it is not.  It is making it look like it is going to be a comedy with “McLovin” walking around in a cape.  It’s not.  It is very much not.

So if you want to see what the movie REALLY is… click this link and put in your fake information including a DOB that says you are 18.  Then you can find out what it’s all about.  I warn you that it isn’t appropriate for work or children so keep that in mind.


2 Responses to “Kick Ass”

  1. Well, I know what movie I’ll be goin to see this weekend

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