How to Train Your Dragon

DragonSo I made a “promise” (though unwritten and unspoken and not really true) that I was going to go and see the new Clash of the Titans on Friday.  I was pretty excited for it because the original Clash of the Titans was one of my favorite movies when I was younger.  I always loved learning, studying or just being entertained by the mythical side of things.  However, after reading pretty much EVERY site saying how bad it was, I decided not to waste my money.  I usually don’t set much stock in what critics say, but when every site is saying the same thing, you know it’s gotta be true.  I’ll save it for Netflix.

So I decided to go and watch How to Train Your Dragon.  I am one who often enjoys a good cartoon so I thought, why not?  I don’t like all cartoons.  I have no desire to see that Mr. Fox movie, I didn’t care for any Shrek except the original, and Madagascar has never made sense to me.  But I figured it looked like a fun movie so I went.  Boy was it worth it.

I won’t go into details about the movie, I’ll let people who want to see it find out for themselves.  But I do want to go over a few quick things.  First of all some rough things.  The father (I believe he was named Stoic) was voiced by Gerard Butler.  He is the main man in the movie 300.  I had a hard time not imagining him with his painted-on abs whenever he spoke.  also, all of the children had “normal” Americanized voices so it was also a bit distracting when you were trying to imagine them as Vikings.

So it seems the voice-work was the only thing really bothering me.

Probably the best thing about the movie, however, was the “main” dragon in the film.  While the dragons never spoke, this guy was able to convey so many things just with facial features and expressions.  And it’s hard to believe that you can grow emotionally attached to an animated mythical creature… but I did.

All-in-all this was a great movie.  There is a lot of action and adventure, plenty of comedy to keep you chuckling, and if you feel like pouring a bit of emotion out you can get angry or shocked or upset about quite a few things.

I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone.  It’s great for the young as well as the young at heart.  I did not see it in 3D but I don’t think it’s ever worth the extra money.  But go see it for sure.


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