Donald Frey

MustangAn American icon named Donald Frey – a man that most people have probably never heard of passed away recently.  Donald Frey was the chief engineer behind the Ford Mustang.

Another thing you may not know is that the Mustang almost never existed.  Frey pursued the project even though Henry Ford II turned the idea down four times.  After working secretly with Lee Iococca and other engineers, they were able to get approval and sold a million of the vehicles over the first two years.

The Mustang was always my favorite muscle car.  Other than a gap during the 80s and 90s the car has always looked sharp.  I finally was able to buy one a few years ago and it honestly had very few problems and was an amazing car.  If I ever get rich I want to buy a Mustang from every year since its creation just to have… because I’d be rich.

Donald Frey, thank you for bringing us such a great classic car.


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