Soda: The Unwritten Killer

Soda Fountain... OF DOOM!Yes, that’s a bit dramatic (and was originally reported in January), but I bet this news report is going to leave some people feeling a little squeamish.

Researchers from Hollins University did a test on over 100 beverages from the self-serve and staff-serve soda fountains in various fast food establishments.  What they found was that:

48% of the beverages contained fecal matter
11% contained E. coli
17% contained a bacteria that causes meningitis

They also found smaller amounts of other germs including staphylococcus, klebsiella and candida and coliforms which wouldn’t be allowed in municipal drinking water.

I’m glad that I stopped getting drinks at these sort of things, I buy mine bottled and (hope that) it is clean.  If you don’t know what fecal matter is, Google it yourself if you really don’t know, but you ain’t gonna like it!


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