Aimee Mullins at TEDMED

AimeeFor those who have never heard of TED, you should find out about it.  It’s a great foundation that has put on some amazing conferences full of speeches, inventions and inspiration.  Because of the popularity of TED many spin-offs have occurred including TEDMED – where they obviously specialize in medicines and healthcare.

I recently listened to a speech given by Aimee Mullins at TEDMED.  Aimee was born without her fibula bones and had to have her legs amputated below the knees when she was only a year old.  From the time she was little she was working to use the various prosthetics that were available so that she could compete in the things she loved, including athletics.  She competed against athletes in college while attending Georgetown who had both of their legs, and also competed in the Paralympics in 1996, running the 100-meter dash in 17.01 seconds and jumping 3.14 meters in the long-jump.  Not only is Aimee an outstanding athlete, she is also a model and an actress.

I would recommend you give her speech a listen.  It is quite inspirational and quite good, and she has a cute little lisp.


One Response to “Aimee Mullins at TEDMED”

  1. Wow that was powerful. Thanks for sharing it. I will be sure to share it with my peers. It has a great story.

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