Idiots in Georgia

That ain't no Georgia Peach!And no, I don’t mean the state.

A private news station in the country of Georgia (a station apparently very close to the government there) decided that they were incredibly bored and ran a 30 minute news report about how Russia had invaded their country.  Throughout the report the news reporter talked about how the Russians had bombed the airport at the Georgian capital, that Georgian soldiers had been killed and wounded and that the Georgian President had been killed.

For 30 minutes they ran this broadcast and then at the end of it they stated that it was not a real news report, but a hoax.  They ran this “simulation” because they wanted to show what could happen if Russia launched an invasion.  Not once during the fake report did they put up a disclaimer to let people know that it was not real.  And for those who don’t know, Russia and Georgia were at war merely 19 months ago so they aren’t exactly best buddies right now.

Imagine if some news station in America decided to run a “simulation” of another airplane being hijacked and flown into a building, or Pearl Harbor being bombed or various other types of semi-recent events.  Not only would people freak out during the report, but there would be hell to pay afterward.  Sometimes I just don’t understand how people can be so stupid.

But then again, that is why I try to avoid the news.


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