911 is on the Way…Maybe.

911A Pennsylvania man is dead after the 911 operator told his girlfriend that help was on the way… but it never showed up.

After making 10 phone calls to 911, 911 calling them a few times and paramedics driving to within a quarter of  a mile from the man’s home, he died.  Paramedics claim that the snow was too deep to drive in because of the horrible weather they’ve been having.  In fact, there was a point in time when paramedics told the man he would have to walk through the snow to get to the ambulance.  Are you kidding?  A person calls 911 because a loved-one is in serious condition and instead of the paramedics making every possible effort to reach the man, they tell him to walk through the snow?

I think people fail to realize how fragile the 911 system is.  Only recently really have they started advertising how important it is to not call 911 unless it is really an emergency, but I think people fail to realize that even if you call with an emergency, 911 is only as reliable as the people who serve on it.  Sadly, in this case, they weren’t reliable enough.

I do appreciate 911 services and I know many who are involved.  I was in the paramedic class myself and much of my family has been involved in it for years.  But it’s frightening to know that your life may be in the hands of people who don’t feel the need to take the extra effort.


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