DreamsOkay, seriously… someone needs to figure out what dreams mean.  There has to be an actual science behind it.  I know some say they mean nothing, others think they have mystical messages, while others still think they they are your body’s way of telling you things.  I just honestly want to know.

I’ve been known to have some of the most vivid, strange and unique dreams imaginable.  I am sure that a lot of people can say this, but I’ve had plenty of dreams that I can still remember that I would not ever want to share with people.

I had one today that was quite strange.

I was at my parent’s house in southern Utah.  For some reason I was standing outside near one of the big trees they have in their front yard.  The tree was covered with nests and I was chasing dragonflies out of the nests and putting hummingbirds in them.  It was quite literally like my daughter’s Tinkerbell cartoons where I was saying, “Shoo dragonfly, here you go Mr. Hummingbird.”

Finally I was done making the dragonflies homeless and I went into my parents’ house.  Sitting at the table  was a woman I didn’t recognize with an Easy-Bake Oven.  She was baking me a cake.  Then my friend Tiffany walked in and saw the cake that had been made for me.  It said, “HAI” with the I being scatched all the way down the cake.  She said, “Oh cool, it’s a sword.”  I replied, “No, she scratched it.  It’s bad enough that I had to order my own birthday cake, but she messed it up, too.”

Apparently the Easy-Bake Lady heard me complaining and picked up her phone and called someone.  After talking for a moment, she said something about, “I think I got the wrong one, I was supposed to bring the black one with white frosting but I brought the white one with black frosting.”

At about this point I woke up.

Now seriously… what the hell?  Does this mean anything?  Is it because I am missing home?  Is it because I am having some self-loathing issues because of a few things not going my way lately?  Is it because my daughter recently opened her Easy-Bake Oven and maybe it’s haunted or possessed?  There has got to be an explanation.

But like I said, I have had much stranger dreams than this one.  I haven’t told you ab0ut being chased by ninjas because of a stolen credit card, being shot at by a policeman in a crowd because my suit was too small, or any other strange dream I’ve had.

Please tell me I’m sane.


2 Responses to “Dreams”

  1. The cake is a lie…

  2. So have some pie

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