Mona Lisa Nude

For people who enjoy art, you may be interested in this story.

A painting was supposedly found hidden behind some wood walls of a private library and is believed to be a slightly different pose of the famed Mona Lisa painting.  The painting was previously owned by some of Napoleon’s family all the way down to a descendant of Napoleon’s brother, Count Giuseppe Primoli.

While the painting may look nothing like Mona Lisa, experts say that they way she is looking, the position of the hands and the landscape lead them to believe that it may be just another version of the Mona Lisa that da Vinci painted.  In fact, there are quite a few da Vinci-esque portraits portraying a nude Mona Lisa that are believed to be done by pupils of his.  It is believed that these portraits may have been hidden by the group because of the inappropriateness of them at the time.

Experts aren’t going to believe it is a true Mona Lisa nude just because of the proofs of purchase, they are going to put it through rigorous testing to determine if it is authentic.  I for one am quite intrigued.

And I still think she looks like a man.


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