An Eye for an Eye

Eye for a tail...A local story for us Utahns, and one that should make us proud.  I am no member of PITA, er… PETA, but I do care about animals.  This man, however, has a different idea.

A Logan man was charged with animal cruelty for abusing his dog.  But he didn’t just hit or kick or neglect to feed the dog, he held the Jack Russell Terrier upside-down and, at a close range, repeatedly shot him in the testicles.

This is another example of why “an eye for an eye” would be a perfect punishment.  I know the difference between abusing an animal and abusing a human being, but it still is cruel.  And often the cruelty to animals leads to other things later in life.  Blah, blah, blah… we’ve all been told this before.  But I think the perfect punishment for this guy would be to tie him upside down and shoot him a few times in his almond joys and ask him how he likes it.

Strangely enough, he already had a recent bullet hole in him when the police arrived.  He claims he got in a fight with a man who was trying to steal parts off of his car and was shot.

My guess is that he was trying to play with the neighbor’s cat.


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