Pain or Publicity?

Poor Dwight...Anyone paying attention to the Super Bowl knows that Dwight Freeney was injured in the playoff game against the Jets two weeks prior to the Super Bowl.  It was all over the news for the two weeks between the playoff game and the big game.  It was almost annoying.  But as I was watching the brave Dwight play in the Super Bowl, I was curious if it was really as bad as they made it seem.

I am not saying that he didn’t injure it.  Looking at the slow-mo replay it looks like he had sprained it.  But during the two weeks between he acted like it was the most painful thing in the world, limped like crazy anywhere he went, and he tried to prevent people from getting close-up shots of his leg.  Then at the game… he’s miraculously healed!  Sure, we know he got it retaped during part of the game, but he didn’t act like it bothered him in the slightest.

My bets are going on publicity, but who knows.  Maybe the thought of winning the Super Bowl was enough to make the pain go away.

Or maybe it’s the 72 million dollars that he is in the process of making.


One Response to “Pain or Publicity?”

  1. that kitty pic is sad and the muppetts thig was weird


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