While You’re Here…

A very, very small part of me doesn’t want to believe what this article is saying.  Maybe that is because I have 2 little girls of my own, maybe it is because I still have some hope in humanity, however small that may be.  But when I look at the world today, I’m really am not surprised.

First of all, it still amazes me that there are kids that run away from home.  I know that not everyone has the most wonderful life, but I guess I just imagine the “runaway” kids as being the kids from the 80’s and 90’s.  You know, like Bon Jovi and Soul Asylum singing about it.  But these kids must have really horrible lives or something missing if they would want to leave their homes to work on the streets.

Second, I wish that I could find it hard to believe that people would travel to Miami to watch the Super Bowl, and then decide, “Hey, I should find me some prostitute that looks like she’s way too young to be out here, that’d probably be a good idea.”  They actually think that there will be more customers?  Pimps bring their girls from all over the country because of the Super Bowl?  Again, I wish I could say this is something to be amazed by, but I don’t find it hard to believe anymore.

I guess at least some people are trying to do something about it.  I’m sure it probably happens every Super Bowl, Mardi Gras and any other sort of celebration that is going on.  It’s another reason I hate the news, but news is reality.

I should move to Norway.


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