I Came for the Commercials…

Brees for MVP

…but stayed for the game.

As most people know from reading my blog, I didn’t give a hoot about this year’s Super Bowl.  Didn’t like either team, hated the hype going about both of them the entire year, and just would rather have had it end in a 0-0 tie.  But everyone loves the commercials for the Super Bowl, so I watched because I was hoping for a few good ones.  While I was sorely disappointed in the commercials, I was incredibly happy with the game.

I had told people at work it would end up being a Colts blowout, but was I wrong.  As I watched the game, I actually started rooting for the saints.  I was disappointed when they missed the fourth down conversion at the endzone and cheering with the interception returned for a touchdown.

All-in-all, I was glad I watched.  It turned into a great game, the Saints proved that they weren’t just an over-hyped team and even the halftime show was worth watching (who would have thought I would have enjoyed watching The Who?)

Oh, and as this is posted before the official end of the game, Drew Brees deserves the MVP.


One Response to “I Came for the Commercials…”

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