Yay for Twilight

WhereWolfThis is what we were all afraid of. Women who – after viewing and reading the Twilight saga (I use that term loosely) – believe that they are a vampire or a werewolf.  Soon, men, women will be wearing glitter everywhere and trying to ruin our lives!  Oh wait…

This woman (I use that term loosely) has come to realization that she is a werewolf.  And maybe it has nothing to do with Twilight, but blame must go somewhere!  Ask the people who blame video games for all the violence.  Anyway, because she is a werewolf, it makes perfect sense for her to decapitate a dog.  Right?  Well, she did it, though she claims that she did not kill the dog, it was already dead.

“I didn’t kill any animal,” Rodriguez said. “I wouldn’t, like I said. I’d be more likely to hurt a human than a dog any day. And even then not really possible. I’m pretty friendly.”

I love that.  “I would hurt be more likely to hurt a human than a dog.”  That reminds me of my teacher in 8th grade who was reading us a book.  When the human died, she did not care.  But when the pig had to be killed, the tears FLOWED.

Women are crazy.  Don’t hurt me.


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