Major Crime in New York

HOVWe see it all the time, and it apparently is a very serious crime that the New York Law Enforcement is not going to put up with.  So if you are doing it yourself, you may want to stop.  Or find a taller one.

If you get caught with a mannequin in your vehicle and are in the car pool lane, you WILL be pulled over.  I tell you that I feel so much safer knowing that the police will be out there looking for the HOV lane violators.  We can’t let them get away with driving in one lane when they should be driving in another.

I am curious, however, what the police officer thought when he decided to pull this vehicle over.

/insert dream sequence music

I was driving along and looked over and saw the top of the head of a woman.  She was wearing sunglasses and had long dark hair.  But I realized there was no way she could be that short.  That, or she was just really, really short.  Well, I had to check her… er, it out just to make sure everything was okay.

I want to say that I understand the concern with these sort of violations, but I really don’t.  There are only a set amount of lanes on the freeway no matter what.  So if you force cars out of the HOV lane and make them drive in one of the other lanes, you aren’t going to reduce congestion!  Is it really that important?

But hey, after nearly 30 years I’ve learned that common sense isn’t very common.


4 Responses to “Major Crime in New York”

  1. I think the problem is that they don’t want everyone using the HOV lane. Yes, by pulling that car over and forcing them into the normal flow of traffic it will only create more congestion.

    However if they just let anyone into the HOV lane it trivializes the concept. It’s meant to be a “reward” for those who choose to not add to the congestion.

    There’s the other side of it. I’d rather that one person get pushed back into the flow of traffic and cause congestion with his one car than not have the HOV lane and force 3-4 other people onto the roads with their cars.

    So 1 car vs 3-4 more, I’ll take the one. Yes, these people could simply carpool but unfortunately people today need an “incentive” to do so.

    • The thing is, the HOV lanes are abused all of the time. For the most part they are pointless. Sure, it’s nice that the bus has somewhere to travel since they carry a dozen people, but they will often get stuck behind some nimrod who chooses to use the HOV lane by himself.

      In reality, if it were just another lane, it wouldn’t really make any difference. People don’t choose to carpool because there is an HOV lane, they use the HOV lane because it is there. If there was no HOV lane, they would still carpool.

  2. Let us not forget that you CAN buy a sticker for your car that allows you to use the HOV Lane with only the driver in the vehicle, already minimizing the usefulness of the lane anyhow.

    • Aha! Thank you Chris. I didn’t even think about that. But I assume we should all realize that the entire HOV thing is really about money. Money from writing tickets, money from selling stickers and money from selling mannequins.

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