Toof Faiwy

Spoiler Warning: If you still believe that the Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause or others are real, please do not read this post… Oops.

My older daughter has been losing a lot of her teeth lately.  So of course, we have been digging into our change jar to get her some money to stick under the pillow.  I don’t know how old I was when I first was told or found out that the Tooth Fairy wasn’t real, but she is now 9 years old and still believes in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus.  The Easter Bunny?  Not so much.  I mean, come on, a rabbit laying eggs with candy?  So my question is: how long should I allow this to continue?

Every year that Christmas swings around, my parents and/or my wife and I will sign a few presents as “Santa” to give to both of my girls.  And every year they both believe that he is the one who brought the presents.  I’ve even recently tried to sort of hint at the fact that it wasn’t Santa.  This year my older daughter got the item she wanted and I kept asking her who gave it to her, and how he knew she wanted it.  She was determined that it was Santa.

So back to the teeth.  The last couple of teeth that she’s lost my wife and I have been caught when we give her the money.  First it was my wife who was caught.  Apparently my daughter was awake but pretended to sleep when my wife gave her the money.  That afternoon, I was told that, “the Tooth Fairy looks just like mom!”  So I explained how the Tooth Fairy can take on any form she wants.

The second time I got caught.  I had no cash on me so I had to get some at work.  That morning when I got home I tried to sneak quietly into her room and stick it under her pillow without her waking up.  Of course – since she knows she is getting money – she is quick to spring awake even though it takes me five tries to wake her up on a normal day.  Anyway, she said something just before I got to the pillow, so I shoved my hand under it, did a quick magic swapping-of-the-tooth-for-money, and told said, “Argh!  I was trying to steal your money!”

So how long should I let her believe that Santa and the Tooth Fairy are real?  Should I keep her believing that and risk a friend or someone else telling her that they aren’t real and maybe her being upset that we’ve been lying?  Or should I tell her now and crush her little childhood beliefs?  Should I do it “accidentally” and leave this post up and herd her to the computer to read it?

I’m at a loss as to where to go with this.  If she didn’t believe in those two but believed in the Easter Bunny, I would have no problem telling her the truth.  But these two are something special, something she believes in, something different.

They aren’t bunnies that lay freaking eggs.


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