Free Games are Fun…


…until you have to pay.

I know this isn’t a new concept to games on the internet.  There are plenty of games out there that are “free” to play, but you have the option of purchasing either in-game currency or specific items to make your character better.  This is probably the thing I hate most about online gaming.

I played a game for quite a while called Evony (not linking it because I wouldn’t recommend it).  It is a Real-Time Strategy game where you build up your city and your army, attack other people around you, pillage and conquer their cities, and continue to grow.  It may not sound like a whole lot of fun, but those kind of games are games that I love to play.  The problem with this game (and many others) is that in order to get anywhere, you have to be willing to lay down the cash.

The only way you can obtain more than one city is to get medals in the game.  Once you had a specific amount of a certain type of medal, you could upgrade your status to a new one and conquer another city.  You could obtain these medals by conquering valleys around you or other cities.  Of course, these medals were nearly impossible to get, so how do you get them?  The “easiest” way was to purchase in-game coin and buy the medals.

They had a deal with their in-game currency.  You could purchase $25 worth of their coins for only $5.  Not a bad deal.  I figured I could spend a measly $5 and get enough to go up a few levels, so I did.  Lo-and-behold I was just short of getting what I needed to move up to the next level.  So what was my next step?  Spend more money?

Hell no.  I quit playing the game.  I even tried for quite a while actually doing it the way it was “meant” to be done.  Farming the valleys and cities around me, attempting to get the medals I needed.  But alas, they didn’t drop for me.

Another thing I hate about these sort of games is that the people who have disposable money are the ones who can purchase their way to “godliness” in these games.  Where’s the fun in that?  Only those that can afford to waste the money can be the best?  And I thought playing video games were supposed to take you OUT of the real world.

I don’t mind paying for games.  I have purchased or had subscriptions to many in my life.  But if you are going to advertise a “free” game, make sure it is actually free.

And yes, I’m looking at you Facebook.


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