Ode to Bubble Wrap


Bubble wrap, bubble wrap
What have you done?
You’ve gone and turned fifty
Soon you’ll be fifty-one.
Though you sure haven’t changed much
One thing’s for sure.
You didn’t become wallpaper
You became so much more.

How many ways
Have you created delight?
While comforting my package
And squishing it tight.
And how many times
Have we sat and just “talked”?
While I smile to myself
With your “pip” and your “pop”.

Oh subtle entertainment
When I have nothing to do.
But you came in the mail
With my new pair of shoes.
I caress your bulges gently
While biting my lip,
Squeezing until
I hear another “pip”.

So never change, dear Bubble Wrap
Keep keeping it real.
And I’ll keep on squeezing
Until my coworkers squeal.


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