Super Bowl XLIV: History in the Making?

Super Bowl

Well, I called it.  If you read my previous post when Minnesota beat Dallas, you will see how I called it.  It’s going to be a New Orleans-Indianapolis Super Bowl.  It also may be historic.

No, I am not talking about how New Orleans is going to be going to their first Super Bowl.  I am talking about how this may be the first Super Bowl I will not be watching in 22 years.  Ever since I was 7 years old, I’ve watched the Super Bowl.  Whether Denver was in it or not, whether they won it (twice in a row, thank you) or got trounced, I would watch it.  This year may be the end of a streak only Cal Ripken, Jr’s streak can compare to.

Ever since people started talking about the “perfect seasons” that Indianapolis and New Orleans were going towards, I’ve dreaded this moment.  The main reason is because I did not feel that either of these teams were as good as they looked.  For Indianapolis, they won 7 games by 4 points or less.  Plus the 2 games that they lost.  That means only 7 of the games during the regular season that they won were by more than 4 points.  The Saints had 3 final games that they lost, 2 games prior to that which were won by less than 4 points, and then one of the easiest schedules in the league.  Come on!  Buffalo, Detroit, St. Louis, Tampa Bay?  Those games were given to them.  So they had 7 games during the regular season that were worth looking at.

The point is, I started to loathe both of these teams when they became the headlines.  I know it isn’t necessarily their fault, but the fact that people think these teams are so amazing that they are nearly perfect drives me insane.  They got lucky, they got good schedules and (the biggest for me) they played teams that should have beat them but those teams played badly.

Take the Minnesota-New Orleans game.  Brett Favre had more passing yards than the Saints had total yards.  The ONLY reason they won this game was because the Vikings played a horrible game.  5 turnovers, a penalty in the last few seconds of the game to nix a field goal?  Those aren’t because New Orleans played well as much as it is that the Vikings played horribly.

So I am yet undecided if I am going to watch this game.  I have absolutely no reason to watch it other than it’s the Super Bowl.  I don’t care about either team and I want neither team to win or lose more than the other.  I just want the season to be over.

So I can keep sulking about my Broncos.


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