Sherlock Holmes and Legion


So I had the chance to see Sherlock Holmes and Legion today.  With half a dozen or so little girls running around my house to celebrate my daughter’s birthday (a day early, mind you) I felt it was a good a time as any to hit up the theater.

I had been hearing quite a few mixed reviews about this movie.  A lot of people said it was a horrible movie, while others said it was fabulous.  For one thing, I could never figure out how people could hate a movie like this.  Was it because people were such huge fans of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s books that they felt this movie just was not worth it?  Was it the fact that Holmes wasn’t merely a genius, but a fighter?  I’m not certain, but I felt that this movie was quite worth the $5 I spent to see it.

Robert Downey, Jr. did a great job of showing Holmes as a crazed genius but someone who could take care of himself when he needed to.  Jude Law was probably one of my favorite performers in this movie for some reason.  As Watson, he was probably the best doctor/sidekick you could ask for, but he didn’t really “do” a whole lot.  But still, I found myself rooting for him.  The movie as a whole kept me completely entertained.  I am not going to say it is Oscar-worthy in any way, but are you paying to see the History Channel on the big screen or an entertaining movie?  If it’s entertainment you want, this movie delivers.

I would recommend seeing this movie for sure.  It may not be your cup of tea to see it on the big screen and I don’t think you’ll miss much if you see it at home, but rent it for sure.  I will probably end up purchasing this movie myself and I can’t wait for the sequel.  Oh, and besides, Rachel McAdams heats up the screen well enough.


Legion – on the other hand – is not something I would recommend at all.  To me, it was nothing more than your typical horror movie about being trapped in a building with things on the outside trying to get in.  You had the Tremor movies, Signs and dozens of zombie movies that have already done it.  Why do it with angels?


The movie had a LOT of slow points.  The action was genuinely fun and I did enjoy the sort of twist on the angels being an army and not just a bunch of happy, fluffy, winged creatures.  But I can get just as much action watching Animal Planet and not have to pay extra.

I don’t even know if this is worth renting.  Maybe get it at Redbox or from Netflix if you have a subscription, but don’t pay more than a buck to see this.


2 Responses to “Sherlock Holmes and Legion”

  1. Thanks for the review Earl! I had mixed feelings about watching Sherlock due to the interwebz and reviews but your review was good enough for me. We thoroughly enjoyed the movie and look forward to seeing it again!

    Here’s to hoping for the sequel to find the Professor.

    • Haha, wasn’t much of a review. Maybe from now on I should put a bit more detail. Glad you enjoyed it. I really hope they continue it at least a movie or two without ruining it. It could end up being a lot of fun.

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