The War in Mexico


Maybe it’s because I don’t watch the news enough that I don’t see much about the Mexican drug war.  I prefer to not sit and spend an hour hearing about how horrible the world is.  Or perhaps it is because the other wars around the world seem more important than one that is just on our doorstep.  But this story is just insane.

Hugo Hernandez was kidnapped on January 2nd.  They found his body cut into seven pieces as a threat to the Juarez drug cartel.  Not only that, but his face was removed from his head and stitched to a soccer ball.

This is one of 15,000 deaths that have occurred since President Felipe Calderon started to go after drug cartels three years ago.  The Mexican government and media are so frightened of the drug cartels that they have stopped reporting anything that has to do with the cartels because they don’t want to become victims of these people.  Recently a newspaper reporter was killed after reporting on some arrests of suspected drug traffickers.

It’s frightening to know that these things are happening just south of our border and that when someone steps up to try and stop them, it actually gets worse.


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