Down With the Sickness!

David Draiman

If only being sick were as cool as David Draiman.

I know that the whole scare with the H1N1 virus – or the swine flu – has caused a lot of people to go overboard with taking care of themselves in hopes that they don’t get sick.  Luckily we only had one small case of the flu in my family and it only lasted a couple of days.  The common cold, however, has been tearing us apart.

I’ve always been of the mindset that using medications is the wrong thing to do unless it is an absolute necessity.  I am no conspiracy theorist, but I know that someday there is going to be a cold or strep or some other bacteria that is going to be immune to our medications because everyone uses them so much.  Unless it’s life or death for me, I usually don’t even go to the doctor.  My kids are a different story.

I don’t want them being sick for a long time.  It sucks to watch them coughing or see them sleeping all day, or any other symptom that comes along with whatever sickness they get.  When they get sick I make sure they get into the doctor so they can get better.  But I worry if it is really the right thing to do.

Now, I’m not going to become one of those crazy parents that doesn’t ever take their child to the doctor because they want them to be cured “naturally” or believe that prayer will conquer all (HA!).  I do get worried about the studies I hear about anti-bacterial soaps and hand sanitizers.  These have become staples of almost everyone’s life.  Everywhere you turn there is anti-bacterial this or that.  You can almost no longer purchase soap without it.   I watched the news over the holidays where a scientist was talking about how the residue left from these things can kill the body’s natural bacteria and can lead to us being even more sick.

So where am I going with all of this?  Nowhere I guess.  I am just sitting here listening to my oldest continue to cough like she has been doing since just after Christmas.  My youngest is just barely getting over the same thing, and I didn’t get over it until after we got back from the holidays.  It sucks.

And I hope that the precautions we take aren’t making it worse.


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