No! Argh!

ROMO!  RAAAAAAAWR!AGH!  This is the worst thing that’s happened in since 1996! The Dallas Cowboys beat the Philadelphia Eagles (who I hate for a different reason this year) in order to advance to the second round of the Playoffs against the Minnesota Vikings.

For people who don’t know, I really only hate two teams.  I hate the Oakland Raiders because they are the biggest rivals of my team… the Denver Broncos.  The second team I hate is the Dallas Cowboys.  For years they were the dirtiest, meanest, most overrated team in the NFL.  Then they finally got their asses handed to them for years!  And now they are going to be back in the spotlight because of Dallas’ dry spell for years coming to an end.

I am going to be rooting for Minnesota even though I think Favre is a money-grubbing pigskin whore.  I really don’t want to see Dallas get anywhere.

And don’t say ANYTHING about my Broncos.


2 Responses to “No! Argh!”

  1. Hahahahahaha….ohhhh hahahahaha. And did I mention hahahaha? Calm down football nerd!

  2. Hey, you hush. I’m not the one driving around with a HUGE Dallas Cowboy’s sticker on the back of my car. and I mean HUGE.

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