WoW: I Remember When…

World of Warcraft
So it’s now been over 5 years since I started playing that crack-laced game called World of Warcraft (WoW). Everywhere you go you will see things representing this game. People have clothing with logos, phrases and guild names. You’ll see cars with stickers and decals and even license plates referencing the game. You even see it on television when Mr. T, Ozzy Osbourne and others let you know that they play. It even invaded my precious Mt. Dew not too long ago. It’s probably safe to say that WoW is not only a game, it is an icon for this century and probably the next.

Currently, WoW is in the 2nd expansion (or version 3) of the game and is coming close to releasing the next expansion. When you’re playing the game, it seems like things are pretty monotonous. Now, don’t get me wrong, anyone who has played this game knows that much of the content is repetative. But that isn’t what I’m talking about. I’m talking about how the changes that occur in the game seem to blend in with what you’re used to.

That being said, I thought I would post some of my fond memories of the game. Some of these things will be new to people who weren’t playing “back in the day” while – for most of you – it may all be gibberish. For those that have been playing for as long as I have, or even longer, these should bring a smile to your face or make you cringe.

I remember when…

Myrmidon's Signet

  • …getting an epic item was actually EPIC! My first epic item dropped when I was level 58 and I was farming in Silithus. My brother-in-law was farming experience with me at the time and had just logged off to go to bed. I decided to finish a quest when suddenly (insert angelic choir) the purple started to flow. My first epic item was Myrmidon’s Signet. It was basically the perfect item for me because I was a Rogue and all of the stats work well for a rogue. However (as will be explained below), I chose to sell it for 500 gold. If you saw people in full epic gear, it was impressive. That meant that they had spent weeks or even months working in raids to get the gear. What happens now: Today you can get epic items just from running random dungeons or doing some PVP. You can create a good amount of an entire set, and you don’t ever have to step foot into a raid setting.

Gold, GOLD! Muahaha!

  • …gold was tough to come by. As I said above, I sold my first epic item for gold. The reason I did this was because gold was so difficult to get during the original series of the game that it was better than having a pretty purple item on my finger. What happens now: Now-a-days you find copper ore (the first ore you use in the game) on the auction house for 20 gold, doing one quest can give you 13 gold or so, and my 25,000 gold is actually a small amount of gold to many people’s standards (don’t hate me Tiffany and Chris).

Undead Mount

  • …a mount was something worth talking about. I remember when I finally got enough gold to buy my first normal ground mount. This mount ran 60% faster than you did when you were just running around, and it was the best thing ever. And then I sold my epic item and worked to get some more gold and was able to purchase my epic mount which ran at 100% your normal speed. HOLY COW! Back in vanilla WoW, this was a highlight that you would always remember. What happens now: I think I currently have 51 mounts. These mounts normally cost half of a daily quest worth of gold and I had no question on my mind when I purchased them. Getting a mount is no longer an achievement in the game, now you have to try and get the rare mounts or as many mounts as possible.

Pug... awww!

  • …PUGging a raid was impossible. I was in a guild when I played vanilla WoW that raided 3-5 days per week. We would spend hours each of those days learning bosses and trying to progress through the raid. We started late and got all the way through Molten Core, Blackwing Lair and part of the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj before the announcement of the first expansion broke us apart. What happens now: every day, every hour you are seeing people in chat looking for people to do a Pick Up Group (PUG) raid. There isn’t a raid in the game now that is impossible to PUG. People are currently PUGging the most difficult content in the game just after it is released.

Arena fails

  • …PVP was actually kind of fun. Now, I am going to have a lot of people disagree with me, but hear me out. During Vanilla WoW, the rewards you focused on for PvP were the titles. You could work your way up through the ranks from Private or Scout up to Grand Marshall or High Warlord (depending on Faction). You also could get different armor and weapons depending on your rank. My original character made it up to Legionnaire. Not a very high rank, but I was proud of it. Many people hated this “grind” because getting to Grand Marshall or High Warlord often required you to literally play 24/7. If you were like me and just enjoyed the PVP, it wasn’t so bad. What happens now: PVP is just a joke. It never was great, but now it is something I dread doing. The Battlegrounds are no fun, Wintergrasp is only rarely fun, and the Arena system is the worst thing implemented in the game. There are probably those that don’t agree, but people who enjoyed PVP back in vanilla WoW will probably agree with me.

It's a trap!

  • …Crowd Control was a necessary evil. Being mainly a Rogue (followed by a Hunter) I was used to being in charge of Crowd Control (CC). CC was used in almost every instance, every raid, every fight. You were always stunning, poisoning, trapping, freezing and kiting mobs around in order to get through the fight. If you didn’t do this, it was impossible for the tank to take all of that damage. What happens now: For one thing, tanks have so much health that it almost doesn’t matter how many mobs are attacking them. Also, Blizzard chose to make CC something that isn’t really necessary. Sure, it can make things a little easier, but it is by no means needed.

These are by no means all of the things that bring back memories about how the game was. If anyone has anything else they remember, don’t hesitate to comment. WoW is continuously changing, but there’s no reason to forget the fun times we had.


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