The Future Death of Netflix…

…at least for me.

According to an LA Times article Netflix has agreed to wait 28 days after Warner Bros. releases a movie before they will make it available to Netflix users. This is something that other studios could begin to copy, which could make you have to wait 4 weeks before you can rent a movie from Netflix. In fact, Universal Pictures and 20th Century Fox are already leaning this direction and have already restricted their DVD releases for Redbox.

I understand that companies want to make money, and they make more money from the consumer purchasing the DVDs than they do from Netflix renting them out to us. But if this is the tactic that Netflix is going to take, I may just cancel my membership and wait until the movie comes out on TBS and watch it there, or take my chances with my Blockbuster membership.

The only saving grace with this is that Netflix will be getting more money from Warner Bros. in exchange for the delay. Netflix says they are going to use this money to triple the number of Warner Bros. movies on their streaming service. I love Netflix streaming and it is one of the main reasons I use it, so if they will be getting a larger selection of movies, I may forgive this transgretion.

Greedy movie studios give me gas.


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