A Little Inspiration

Everyone gets inspiration from somewhere. Marge Simpson got her inspiration from the Utah state seal (Google it), the Oneders got their inspiration from the Beatles (watch the movie), and Britney Spears probably got her inspiration from Tonya Harding (think about it). For me… my literature inspiration comes from quite a few people. First and foremost; my parents. They always have inspired me to do what I love to do. My family – two beautiful girls and a loving wife who always keep me on my toes. And finally, some great authors.

I could go on for hours about some authors I’ve read such as Dean Koontz, James Patterson and John Saul. But I feel it is better to point out some less known (but no less deserving) inspirations of mine.

Scott Sigler – Our future dark overlord (FDO)


Scott Sigler was the first podio-book author I found many years ago. Scott has written many novels and short stories and has had some of his work published. If you want some great horror/sci-fi, enjoy vulgar language, violence and insanity, or maybe you just have a thing for great bald heads, Scott Sigler is the guy for you.

JC Hutchins

JC Hutchins was the next podio-book author that I ran into. How did I find him? He’s the sworn enemy of Scott Sigler! These two guys are always looking for ways to trap the other in a corner with a hungry bear (all in fun of course). JC has written a great series of books about cloning, mind swapping and Kilroy (!) and will hopefully continue to write in the future.

Phil Rossi

Phil Rossi
Phil Rossi was the most recent addition to my podio-book listening rotation. His novel “Crescent” and short story “Harvey” are two of my favorite. I am sure that part of that is the fact that Phil sounds like Christian Slater to me, but hey… what’s so wrong with that?

These three great authors have inspired me to continue to write, no matter how many brain farts I get along the way. Please check out their sites, subscribe to their feeds to listen to their stories, and buy their books when they are published. They deserve it.


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